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 Roundup (cancer causing substance) cases underway

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
ElysianWort Posted - 06/29/2018 : 09:32:57
We had several big discussions about this. As I said in the previous thread:


The people who love using the stuff and defend it and evil Mosanto vehemently, and there are some here on PunaWeb, (won't name names) they can pretend to turn a blind eye to the facts, but there are thousands of people suffering from cancerous diseases brought on by continuous use of the product.

Anyway the court cases are starting the judges are listening.
Believe it or not.



Christine Sheppard from Hawaii who used it continuously on her Hawaii coffee farm is one of those from this next clip who got non-hodgkins lymphoma because of its use and Monsanto's lies claiming it's safe.



Monsanto = lies, lies, lies. Let the truth be revealed.

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TomK Posted - 11/27/2019 : 21:54:34
We have something much more dangerous and ubiquitous in Hawaii. Many people have died from it and yet nothing has been done to stop its use. Some have even renounced using it via the usual sources but produce their own version yet it is still a killer. Why isn't more attention being paid to it?

Yes, ban electricity. It's a known killer of both plant and animal life.

Never tried to sniff it though...
MarkP Posted - 11/27/2019 : 16:42:01
Bags of compressed wood pellets carry the admonition that they are known to the state of California to cause cancer. Just sayin'.

Gave up snorting them anyway. The high just isn't what it used to be.
HereOnThePrimalEdge Posted - 11/27/2019 : 12:09:24
The majority of people know lawnmowers are dangerous. Therein lies the difference.

I think most people know herbicides are dangerous too, donít they? Iíll defend the use of Roundup, with the expectation that itís used according to directions. Just as Iíd expect the owner of a lawn mower to use common sense.

I spray Roundup 3 or 4 times a year, and wear long pants, boots, & a mask. But I wonít use toxic* aerosol cleaning agents in my home, where the tiny spray particles can float in the air for long periods of time, trapped in a room, and breathed into the lungs. Thatís far more toxic and dangerous than Roundup, because if you read the directions for Roundup application, it specifically states you should spray in small droplets, not a mist, which reduces herbicide drift, keeping it close to the ground, and less likely to be inhaled. I still wear a mask.

* read the labels. Compare the ingredients in household cleaning products to their affects on human health. Especially in an atomized, aerosol dispersement into the air you breath. Pour on applications of liquid cleaners, furniture polish, air ďfreshenersĒ also evaporate into airborne particles. Thatís why you smell them. Even with my (according to some) defective olfactory.
rainyjim Posted - 11/27/2019 : 12:03:27
If you were to look on the back of all these scientists necks carefully would you find a zipper carefully secreted underneath their hair? If you were to pull the zipper would you you find a green skinned lizard man?

I guess my last question to you is, do you make this stuff up before or after you put your tinfoil hat on?
ElysianWort Posted - 11/27/2019 : 11:41:19
HOTPE: The majority of people know lawnmowers are dangerous. Therein lies the difference. I think you knew this though.

SoggyJim: What good did these top institutions do when the government decided to spray agent orange over southeast Asia. Truth is scientist get paid to cover sh*t up and hide truth all the time. Especially when the funding for the scientists is controlled by the proponents/ procucers of the chemicals.

I grow weary of your attempts to drag this on.
HereOnThePrimalEdge Posted - 11/27/2019 : 10:39:27
A page or two back, I posted the amount Hawaii County paid in claims for lawn maintenance injuries over the past 5 years. I don't believe there have been any responses from the anti-Roundup people, and since power lawn equipment is the main alternative to herbicides, I wonder, do we just ignore the inherent danger in power lawn equipment?

You can go online and see how many injuries are caused every year. Lawn mowers also emit more pollutants than a car as there are no emission standards in place. And yet... do I detect from people who are against herbicides, homeowners who may use or own a weedeater, a blissful indifference to power lawn machinery, a Silent String slicing through all in it's path at 1000 rpm?
geochem Posted - 11/27/2019 : 10:07:11
Originally posted by rainyjim

Are you against all pesticides only on the Internet? If they are as bad as you claim why havenít you done any work in the real world to get people to realize the worlds top academic institutions know less than you?

Shame on you Rainyjim: didn't you know that all academic institutions are also in on the plot to destroy life as we know it??? how could you overlook such an obvious fact?
rainyjim Posted - 11/27/2019 : 08:53:45
Are you against all pesticides only on the Internet? If they are as bad as you claim why havenít you done any work in the real world to get people to realize the worlds top academic institutions know less than you?
ElysianWort Posted - 11/27/2019 : 06:53:01
Perhaps there is some deeper reason why EW is so obsessed with this one pesticide and not others;

Well Jimmy I have said it before. The answer to this. You might have skimmed over my posts and missed it, dismissing them because I'm on the opposite side as you regarding this topic.

I am against ALL pesticides. Roundup just happens to be the most popular. Why? Why am I against them all? Because time and time again history has showed that the government approves these various pesticides and says, they're safe, only to later say, "oops, we were wrong, this chemical composition used as pesticide can have serious adverse health impacts on humans and other life exposed to it. Sorry about your diseases caused by it. Have a good day"
kalakoa Posted - 11/26/2019 : 18:14:57
I like that the county is trying to figure out alternatives to herbicides[i]

Strong work now that all the other problems have been solved.

[i]spends hours, every day, expressing his displeasure

It pays well -- Russian trolls aren't only concerned with national elections.
hokuili Posted - 11/26/2019 : 18:06:58
Originally posted by kalakoa

Perhaps you should consider relocating to a jurisdiction that shares your worldview.
And there it is.. the real kalakoa. If he don't like what you say his response is a big.. oh so nicely put.. go away.

Damn, when I think of how riled, how offended, how kalakoa would act if a native born were to tell him to move along..

And the funny thing is, from my perspective, it looks like kalakoa is talking about himself. It is he that does not like our local government's effort to wrestle with matters of our, its constituents, health. It is he that whines, insistently, about taxes and the services he feels he is not provided. It is kalakoa that expresses, almost daily, his displeasure with our "jurisdiction."

But no, he wants to, as if it is in vogue, impose his displeasures on others. Whereas I, well I like that the county is trying to figure out alternatives to herbicides. And I like that the state is realistic enough to recognize that things like the ferry system are impractical. And I like, am very proud of, our senatorial representation speaking up to the madness in the nation's capital. And I like that there are so few here who would vote for those that are perpetrating that madness on us.

But kalakoa, who says, maybe I should find somewhere that shares my worldview, spends hours, every day, expressing his displeasure about our island world. In fact, he does it more than anyone else here. Go figure.
HereOnThePrimalEdge Posted - 11/26/2019 : 15:43:52
I donít understand why these internet warriors focus on the most benign pesticides

They original intent of the food warriors was to ban GMO food products. They werenít successful, so they switched their strategy to banning Roundup as most GMO corn etc has been bred to be Roundup Ready.

If they could get Roundup banned, then thereís no reason for farmers to plant GMO Roundup Ready corn. It would effectively get rid of a majority of GMO seed crops. There are other GMO plants like Rainbow papaya, but theyíre a small part of the total.

Most anti GMO people are anti Roundup or pesticides in general anyway, so demonizing both by any means necessary is a fortuitous twofer for them.
rainyjim Posted - 11/26/2019 : 15:25:44
Glyphosate is the most benign pesticide - I donít understand why these internet warriors focus on the most benign pesticides rather than the numerous more toxic and environmentally harmful pesticides that are used all over the world.

There must be some reason. I canít put my toe on it exactly, but my suspicion hinges around the ease of demonizing glyphosate, if internet warriors have no stake or nothing to lose by protesting something then they protest. Perhaps there is some deeper reason why EW is so obsessed with this one pesticide and not others; then again maybe he just read some headlines about the recent court cases and decided it was time to be the caped crusader (just on the internet of course).
ElysianWort Posted - 11/26/2019 : 14:26:58
Okay okay. Driving pollutes, flying etc. Reproducing on an overly crowded planet. Yup yup. I'm aware of all that. I'm not living in a state of denial though and saying something is perfectly safe when it isn't. We're all going to die. Some sooner some later. I would like to leave as small a footprint as possible when I'm here. The smallest negative impact possible on the environment around me. And when us humans are gone, the earth will heal.

Am I only about being anti-Roundup? Hell no. I chose to highlight this topic though because it is a worldwide problem and so many Americans want to believe that it is harmless. Wake up sheeple. Okay. I'm done here. I hope.
kalakoa Posted - 11/26/2019 : 14:00:54
statistics which compare herbicide claims with powered lawn equipment

Truth has no place in a popular "because it feels right" argument.

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