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 Pre-eruption, I was thinking about keeping bees.
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Posted - 08/26/2018 :  17:35:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Interesting info Carey.

"the bees have to be fed by the bee keepers by dumping white table sugar over the honey combs."

- I hope they were using organic non-GMO sugar!
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Posted - 08/26/2018 :  18:52:05  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Actually, that dumping sugar over the comb is the least best desirable way of feeding bees, as this is also an invitation to just about every other sugar craving animal...

Most beekeeper that need to feed, use hive feeders & supply a nectar substitute... some will use a simple syrup, others will use a fortified nectar replacement... but dumping crystal sugar inside a hive is not a recommended method of supplementing the nutrition of bees... & anyone who would do that on anything but an emergency basis is asking for a whole slew of beekeeping problems... the only time I can even think that this might be excusable is when dealing with a catastrophic hive event in a freezing temp... & then, most likely, you are just trying to salvage as much of the population until something can be done...

& neither of these replaces the proteins that bees need from the pollen... for bees, the absolute best thing is a diverse selection of pollens & nectars... & we have that here...

Edited by - Carey on 08/26/2018 18:59:42
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Posted - 09/04/2018 :  17:12:21  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I guess I should clarify that in the documentary they dumped something that looked like table sugar into the hive and called it "sugar", but I have no idea what it was.

Sometimes I call my wife "sugar" but that doesn't mean I can replace her with something that's 49 cents per pound at Walmart.

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Posted - 09/05/2018 :  22:53:00  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
"praying mantis, ladybug, spiders, dragonflies"

All non-native and technically invasive although each is beneficial in their own way, same as honey bees. As far as native bees go I think that they do not form hives so if you see a bee hive, those are introduced honey bees.
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Posted - 09/24/2018 :  15:01:49  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Since moving back home on the 10th, I've only seen 2 honeybees, one on the 1st day working the palm flowers along the driveway and another a few days later checking out one of the hibiscus'.
I'm back to thinking about acquiring a colony or two.

And speaking of dragonflies, every year or two we have one that patrols our yard with a resting spot on the antenna of my car.
This time, after I moved back in, we had one that was very disconcerted by my vehicle being added to it's territory without being given prior permission.

I've since pulled it into the garage to work on it.
We'll see what its reaction is when I pull it out and park it in its usual place again.
Don't think he's gonna like it.

Edited by - 1voyager1 on 09/24/2018 15:04:41
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Da Kine

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Posted - 09/24/2018 :  19:23:13  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
If you do get bees, learn about the pests that are here on island. I just got my first hive last month and have already learned the hard way about the horrors of small hive beetle. Opening the hive to find a maggot filled box of of slime is disgusting and heartbreaking.
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dan d

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Posted - 09/25/2018 :  08:15:08  Show Profile  Visit dan d's Homepage  Reply with Quote
First im a master gardener, and an apiarist. And a swarm remover. I would be happy to educate you all about them. They are essential to our ecosystem period. They are under attack from many things. We dont need to feed them at all in Hawaii. No seasons and plenty food all year.

1v1 i have a spare hive for u for free. U will have to buy the bees ,about 125d. One of our best natural(non chemical) apiarist that teaches everybody Jen Rasmussen paradisenectar google it plz. Teaches hands on hive every month. She lost her place in Kapoho, and now is in honokaa. She has gentle bees a d doesnt use a veil. Bee keeping is a great bussiness and not a lot of work. You will be stung, just try to minimize it.
If you are serious, join master gardeners monthly hive service for free. BIBA is a great
Resource as well as CTHAR.

Pm me for more info
Bee man dan

Dan D
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